Jimmy Eat World - “Cut”

I made it
And now there’s no turning back
I know there’s no depth you wouldn’t sink for the chance
I’m sorry, boy
I’m not cut for this no more

You came in
Yeah, you happened to me
So I waited and nothing else has since
I’m sorry, boy
But I’m no good for you no more

If it’s your name in lights
And if the time is yours,
You’d be on your back
You’d be on the floor
It’s the kind of night that I’d always hoped
And he’s the kind of guy worth waiting for

There’s always some baggage you’ve got to check
I’m trying
Hope that you’d understand
I’m sorry, boy
I’m not cut for this no more

Yes I loved you, boy
But I’m not cut for this no more

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hi rick just liked my instagram picture of my tattoo. which is weeks old btw so he had to look through my other pictures to see it.


Street Teamers!


Hey just sending out a reminder that if you have hung up flyers promoting the Futures tour, please send pictures in as soon as possible. If you have not hung up flyers, you have until September 26 to do so. Autographed photos will be sent out in October.

If you are interested in hanging up flyers please email streetteam@jimmyeatworldonline.com!